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What Is COB LED Linear Light Strips

COB LED Strip, or Chip on Board, directly binds LED chips to the PCB board, saving space and cost compared to ordinary light strips. More LEDs can be added to COB Light strips, with a maximum of 640 chips or more per meter. The absence of chip mounting on frames reduces the price of COB LED strips, making them much cheaper than an equivalent number of regular LED strips. COB strips Light provide uniform illumination with a 180-degree angle, ensuring even light distribution without dot patterns. These strips can work for a variety of home applications, both indoor and outdoor (with our weatherproof flex strips). LED strip lights are used for linear, low profile lighting or when space is tight. Some common applications include LED under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, lit stairs, bar lights, signage, display lighting, car strip lights, deck lighting and much more .

How Are COB Light Strip LED Structures

COB led strip structure

1.Eco-friendly silicone
2.Photosensitive ink
3.Insulation, heat-resistant and tensile layer
4.35um rolled copper thermal conductive coating
5.Insulating, heat-resistant and tensile layer
6.35um rolled copper thermal conductive coating
7.Insulating, heat-resistant and tensile layer
The PCB is made of 3535um rolled copper, which is more flexible, the overcurrent can reach 2.5A-3A, and the daily use temperature is lower, so that the five-meter voltage of the LED strip light is reduced, Consistent brightness from beginning to end. The photosensitive ink on the surface of the led strip light can effectively improve the brightness of the led strip light.

China COB LED Light Specification


Nominal input voltage:12V or 24V DC
Voltage range:11V-13V Or 23-25V DC
LED types:LED Chip
Binning tolerance&code:SDCM<6
TM30:Rf=90 Rg=99
Product dimension: L5000*W(can be customised)*H1.2mm
LED QTY/M:320leds,384leds,480leds,520leds 608leds etc. can be customised
FPC Dimension:8;10;12;20mm x 2oz (1/20z)
IP Rating (optional):IP20 IP65,IP67,IP68
Cut Points:Based on number of beads per metre
Beam Angle: 120°
Material Of Coating:N/A
Bend Radius:R<50mm
Customized length/reel:0.1 to 30meters
Dimming Function:PWM/0-10V/ DALI
Standard length/reel:5meters
Connection Wire:2×0.5MM2/20AWG wire / DC connector
Installation:3M 300LSE adhesive tape Or Snap fasteners.

Model Input Voltage FPC Width CRI Power CCT Luminous Efficiency Luminous Flux
MJ-COB-320L DC12V/24V 8mm 90 8W/M(Can be customised) 2700K-6500K 95lm/W 760lm/M
MJ-COB-384L DC12V/24V 5mm/8mm 90 10W/M(Can be customised) 2700K-6500K 95lm/W 950lm/M
MJ-COB-480L DC12V/24V 8mm 90 11W/M(Can be customised) 2700K-6500K 95lm/W 1045lm/M
MJ-COB-520L DC12V/24V 10mm 90 14W/M(Can be customised) 6500K+3000K 95lm/W 1330lm/M
MJ-COB-608L DC12V/24V 10mm 90 14W/M(Can be customised) 2700K+6500K 95lm/W 1330lm/M

COB LED Light Waterproof Rating And Code


COB led strip Non-waterproof

For all strip



Dripping glue

COB led strip Dripping glue

The thickness of 3 mm same width as PCB



Potting glue

COB led strip Potting glue

FPC width +2mm



Solid extrusion

COB led strip Solid extrusion

FPC width +2mm



What are the characteristics of COB Linear Light?

Ultra-thin light strip COB Strip Lighting Features

Ultra-Thin Light Strip

COB Strip Lighting Easy to install

Easy To Install

Soft Light For The Eyes

High Brightness COB Strip Lighting

High Brightness

Safe low voltage COB Strip Lighting

Safe Low Voltage

Cut to size as required COB Strip Lighting

Cut To Size As Required

Multi-Lamp Bead Design

Feel free to bend COB Strip Lighting

Feel Free To Bend

How To Install COB LED Light Strip

How to install IP20 and IP54 COB light strips:

COB led Strip Light Installation Steps

1.Make sure the surface on which the LED tape is to be applied is flat, smooth, dry and clean.

2.Measure the required size and cut it at the connection mark of the led strip.

COB led Strip Light Installation Steps

3.Match the pads and solder them securely (labelled 12V or 24V +/-).

COB led Strip Light Installation Steps

4.You can also connect strips using LED tape connectors.

COB led Strip Light Installation Steps

5.Remove the adhesive on the back of the strip.

COB led Strip Light Installation Steps

6.Stick the strip on the surface of the cleaned area. Please avoid press the led chip with you finger, it will caused it broken and unable.

How To Connect The Light Strip Power Wiring

1.Monochrome light strip wiring diagram:

Monochrome light strip wiring diagram

2.Wiring diagram for dimming strip light:

Wiring diagram for dimming strip light

3.Wiring diagram of adjustable temperature strip light:

Wiring diagram of adjustable temperature strip light

COB LED Linear Lights Packaging

Light Strip Packaging

Carton box

Anti-static foil bag


LED flexible strip with reel

COB Line Strip Reliability Test Equipment

LED strip Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere

Test LED product`s photometric, Color,SDCM,CRI and electric parameters.

Salt Spray Chamber

Artificially Simulate the salt spray environmental conditions to evaluate the corrosion resistance.

Anti-UVand Yellow Resistance Test Equipment

Test performance of anti-UVand yellowing resistance to Test LED products lifetime and performance.

ConstantTemperature & Humidity

Test LED products lifetime and performance.

Torque Tester

Testthe welding force and bending resistance when torsion.

LED strip Winding Test Instrument

Winding Test Instrument

Test the welding force and bending resistance when winding.

Temperature Machine

Test the body of LED products of temperature

LED Driver Tester

Test LED products Voltage,Current, Power and PFC

FAQs About Meiji Lighting

We cooperate with well-known LED chip brands in the market, such as Cree, Nichia, Osram, etc.), which are well-known for their superior technology and reliability.And in case if you have special needs, like Samsung, Nichia, Tridonic, Soul, Citizen etc., we can also help.

We cooperate with well-known LED chip brands in the market, such as Cree, Nichia, Osram, etc.), which are well-known for their superior technology and reliability.And in case if you have special needs, like Samsung, Nichia, Tridonic, Soul, Citizen etc., we can also help.

Yes. We have an experienced design team and technical experts who can customize and develop unique indoor&outdoor lighting solutions according to your project requirements. You can go to our project case to see and contact us!

MeiJi Lighting is a ISO 9001 approved lighting manufacturer. Most of our lamps have CE and RoHS certificates.If you need other certificates for your projects or market, like UL,ETL,ENEC, SASO, BIS, etc. We can also help.

Our production time is typically 5-15 days, but can be longer for larger quantities or customized orders. Express shipping ensures faster arrival, while container cargo takes 15-60 days. Contact us for rush orders and specific timing.

Key Indicators of Energy Efficiency
1. Luminous Efficacy 2. Power Factor 3. Operating Voltage 4. Heat Dissipation 5. Energy Star Certification 6. Manufacturer Specifications

For further guidance on selecting energy-efficient COB Light Strips tailored to your business needs, feel free to contact us. We specialize in high-quality, customizable LED lighting solutions.

For our low voltage lighting fixtures, a constant voltage power supply is necessary. To ensure a longer lifespan, we recommend choosing a power supply with a loading capacity approximately 20% higher than the actual requirement. For instance, for a 10-meter LED Strip Light (12W/m), a 150W power supply is preferable.

MeiJi offers a range of double-sided tape solutions for LED strips, tailoring to various scenarios. Our selection includes 3M tapes like 200MP, 300MP, 9080, VHB 5608N, tesa 4965, and blue thermal tape, ensuring versatile options for different needs.

Our regular products come with a 3-year warranty, while special requirements or customized products have a warranty of 3-5 years. We ensure reliable coverage and support for our customers’ specific needs and offer extended protection for tailored solutions.

We know that the number of lamps required for each project is uncertain. If  customized products, We can produce according to the quantity you need. There is no minimum quantity requirement. Of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

Key Quality Indicators
1. Chip Density and Quality 2. PCB Quality 3. Heat Dissipation 4. Protective Coating 5. Luminous Efficacy 6. Certifications 7. Warranty 

Yes. You can get the free 5M samples before you place an order . You need to provide the receiving name ,address and phone number and express delivery account number .

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