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Elevate your lighting projects with our high-quality flexible wall-washer light strips. As the direct manufacturer and supplier, we offer customizable solutions, 3-5 year warranty, and on-time delivery to meet your business needs seamlessly.

360° Flex Wall Washer Strip

360° Flex Wall Washer Strip Light

Flex Wall Washer Strip

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DMX512 Flex Wall Washer Strip

DMX512 Contouring Curved Wall Washer Lighting

What is Flex Wall Washer Light

The Flex Wash Wall Strip Light is an innovative lighting solution designed for creating dynamic and immersive wall lighting effects. It consists of a flexible strip embedded with multiple LED bulbs that emit a wide range of colors. The strip is designed to be easily mounted on walls, providing a wash of vibrant and customizable lighting. With its flexibility, the strip can be shaped and curved to fit different wall surfaces, allowing for creative and personalized lighting designs. The Flex Wash Wall Strip Light is often used in architectural lighting, retail displays, entertainment venues, and residential spaces to enhance visual aesthetics and create captivating lighting experiences.


Comparison of Flex Wall Washer Light & Traditional Wall Washers

Flex Wall Washer Strip Advantages:
●Customization: Flex strips can be cut to specific lengths and bent into different shapes,  allowing for more customized installations.
●Ease of Installation: Lightweight and flexible, these strips are easier and quicker to install, which can reduce labor costs.
●Energy Efficiency: Typically utilizes LED technology, which consumes less energy than traditional lighting methods.
●Seamless Light Distribution: Provides uniform light distribution without hot spots, ideal for curved or irregular surfaces.
●3-5Years Warranty: As with our product, a long-term warranty can be a significant advantage.
Traditional Wall Washer Light Advantages
●Brightness: Generally provides higher luminosity, making it suitable for larger and outdoor spaces.
●Durability: Designed for more rigorous conditions, including outdoor and industrial settings.
●Range: Capable of projecting light over greater distances.
●Reliability: Tried-and-tested technology with a history of reliable performance.
●For Custom Projects: If your business involves bespoke lighting projects, particularly for indoor or controlled environments, Flex Wall Washer Strips would be more suitable.
Custom Projects: Choose Flex Strips for indoor or unique layouts.
Outdoor Spaces: Traditional Lights offer durability and brightness.
Cost-sensitive: Flex Strips may offer long-term cost benefits.
Quick Turnaround: Flex Strips are easier and quicker to install.
Make your choice based on project needs, considering factors like customization, durability, and overall costs.


What are the usage of Flex wall washing Strips?

Flex wall washer led light strips are versatile lighting solutions that can illuminate a space while creating a visually appealing environment. These light strips are designed to provide uniform lighting across a wide area and are commonly used in various sectors. Below are some of the key applications where flex wall washer light strips are most beneficial.

Flex wall washer light strips create a welcoming atmosphere in lobbies and receptions, elevating the guest experience and enhancing the hotel’s brand image.
In both commercial and residential buildings, these light strips offer uniform illumination, improving aesthetics and ensuring safety.
Garden and Patio:
They are ideal for outdoor settings, providing both functional and aesthetic lighting. They can delineate pathways and highlight garden features.
Illuminate Paintings and Sculptures:
Used in galleries and homes, these light strips accentuate the details in paintings and sculptures, making them the focal points of the space.
Trade Shows:
At exhibitions, flex wall washer light strips can make your booth stand out by highlighting your products, thereby attracting more visitors.
Concerts and Theater:
In live events, these light strips contribute to stage design, creating a dynamic visual experience for the audience.

Key Considerations for Installing Flex Wall Washer Light

Surface Preparation
Ensure the installation surface is clean, flat, and dry for optimal adhesive performance and light diffusion.
Electrical Safety
Confirm voltage and current specifications to match the power source. Always turn off electricity during installation.
Layout and Alignment
Plan your layout carefully to optimize the wash effect. Precise alignment is crucial for uniform illumination across the wall.
Use high-quality connectors and ensure they are securely fastened to avoid disconnection or short-circuits.
Test Before Finalizing
Prior to completing the installation, conduct a brief test run to verify all segments are operational and delivering the desired lighting effect.
Ambient Conditions
Check if the strips are suitable for the environmental conditions they will be exposed to, such as moisture or temperature extremes.
By adhering to these considerations, you can ensure a successful and safe installation of flexible wall washer light strips, thereby maximizing their efficiency and lifespan.

How to connect the power cord

How to connect the power cord of the led strip

Precautions for Use and Installation:

1. Please use 24VDC isolated power supply to drive the LED strip, and the ripple of the constant voltage source is less than 5%. Cannot use resistive-capacitive step-down, non-isolated and other types of power supply to drive the LED strip.
2. To ensure the life and reliability of the strip, please do not bend the strip at an arc of less than 60mm in diameter, and do not fold it to avoid damaging the lamp beads or breaking it.
3. To ensure the life of the strip and the use of the environment, in the process of using the power cord can not be pulled forcefully, prohibit collision in order to avoid damage to the LED lights.
4. In the process of installation, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power cord, do not connect the wrong power supply and product voltage is the same, so as not to cause damage to the product.
5.LED strip light should be stored in a dry and sealed environment, it is recommended that the storage period should not be too long, please unseal before use, the working environment temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, the Storage  temperature:0℃~60°C, non-waterproof strip please use indoor, relative humidity can not be higher than 70.
6. Please pay attention to the careful operation, do not touch the AC power terminal when the power is on to prevent electric shock.
7. In the actual application, the power supply should keep 20% of the residual capacity (it is recommended to use only 80% of the power) to ensure sufficient voltage to drive the product.
8. It is strictly prohibited to use any acidic, alkaline adhesive to fix the product (including but not limited to glass glue, etc.).

Meiji Lighting goes the extra mile

No more endless time wasting on bad wholesalers. Our goal is to give you peace of mind. We are responsible for all aspects of raw material testing, production, in-production quality inspection, bulk aging testing, semi-automatic packaging and after-sales. Our consultants will provide you with the latest information every step of the way.
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F A Qs About Meiji Lighting

We cooperate with well-known LED chip brands in the market, such as Cree, Nichia, Osram, etc.), which are well-known for their superior technology and reliability.And in case if you have special needs, like Samsung, Nichia, Tridonic, Soul, Citizen etc., we can also help.

Our production time is typically 5-15 days, but can be longer for larger quantities or customized orders. Express shipping ensures faster arrival, while container cargo takes 15-60 days. Contact us for rush orders and specific timing.

MeiJi Lighting is a ISO 9001 approved lighting manufacturer. Most of our lamps have CE and RoHS certificates.If you need other certificates for your projects or market, like UL,ETL,ENEC, SASO, BIS, etc. We can also help.

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Yes. We have an experienced design team and technical experts who can customize and develop unique indoor&outdoor lighting solutions according to your project requirements. You can go to our project case to see and contact us!

1. Light Quality

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Temperature

2. Energy Efficiency

Lumens-per-Watt Ratio

3. Material and Build Quality

Heat Dissipation

IP Rating 

4. Warranty and Certification

Warranty Period


5. Flexibility and Customization

Bend Angle

Customization Options

6. Payment and Delivery

Payment Terms

Lead Time

7. Supplier Reliability

Communication Efficiency

Track Record

8. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Initial Costs vs. Long-Term Savings

9. Compliance and Compatibility

Regulatory Compliance


10. Post-Sale Support
Technical Support

For our low voltage lighting fixtures, a constant voltage power supply is necessary. To ensure a longer lifespan, we recommend choosing a power supply with a loading capacity approximately 20% higher than the actual requirement. For instance, for a 10-meter LED Strip Light (12W/m), a 150W power supply is preferable.

MeiJi offers a range of double-sided tape solutions for LED strips, tailoring to various scenarios. Our selection includes 3M tapes like 200MP, 300MP, 9080, VHB 5608N, tesa 4965, and blue thermal tape, ensuring versatile options for different needs.

Our regular products come with a 3-year warranty, while special requirements or customized products have a warranty of 3-5 years. We ensure reliable coverage and support for our customers’ specific needs and offer extended protection for tailored solutions.

We know that the number of lamps required for each project is uncertain. If  customized products, We can produce according to the quantity you need. There is no minimum quantity requirement. Of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

Yes. You can get the free 5M samples before you place an order . You need to provide the receiving name ,address and phone number and express delivery account number .

1. Preliminary Checks
Visual Inspection&Power Source

2. Electrical Testing
Voltage Test&Continuity Test

3. Identify Specific Issues
A. Flickering

Loose Connections&Driver Issues

B. Partial Lighting

Check Segments&Wiring Issues

C. Color Inconsistencies

Calibration&LED Chip Quality

4. Warranty and Supplier Support

Warranty Claim&Technical Support

5. Replacement and Upgrades

Component Replacement&Full System Upgrade

6. Preventive Measures

Quality Control&Installation Guidelines

7. Documentation


8. Post-Resolution Testing

Functional Tests&Client Approval

By taking a systematic approach to troubleshooting, you can mitigate project delays and the additional costs associated with failed Wall Washer LED Strip Lights. This also aligns with procurement focuses such as quality inspection and certification, thereby ensuring that you meet customer expectations for both product quality and service reliability.


Product exhibition box

Apart from independent R&D and manufacturing, we also offer free custom design and sample boxes. Let’s start creating profits from your project!

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