Power Supply/Transformer

DC12/24V-AC100W Power Supply

150W led strip light driver

200W indoor led power supply

250W led light strips transformer

300W non-waterproof transformer for led lights

350W power light box to AC light led transformer

24-60W/100W/120W IP20 Tranformers

60-360W IP67 led light power supply

What is Power Supply

A power driver for LED strip lights is a vital component that regulates and supplies the appropriate electrical power to the LEDs. It acts as a transformer, converting the input voltage to the necessary voltage and current for the LED strip. To use it, connect the driver to the LED strip and the power source, ensuring the voltage and current ratings match the LED strip’s requirements. The driver ensures stable and efficient operation, providing consistent and reliable illumination from the LED strip light.

Remote Controller&Amplifier

24 Key Controller

44 Key Controller

23Key Single Color Controller

Double Color Controller

Wifi Controller

Zigbee Controller

Blue Tooth Controller


What is the controller for& how to use it?

The controller for LED strip lights is a device used to manage and adjust the lighting effects and settings of the LEDs. It allows users to control brightness, color, and various dynamic patterns, such as flashing, fading, or color changing. To use it, connect the controller between the power source and the LED strip, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, use the provided remote control or built-in interface to customize and enjoy the desired lighting effects for the LED strip.

SMD LED Strip Light Connectors

Connection Wiring Diagram

How To Work For RGB LED Strip+Controller+Driver

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