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We are a professional manufacturer of flexible neon strips with more than 15 years of industry experience. Unlocking endless lighting possibilities with our flexible neon strips is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, but can also meet any of your DIY needs. As your preferred supplier, we prioritize your unique needs and deliver tailor-made, quality solutions that stand out no matter what you need.


Luminous waterproof silicone neon light


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What is Neon LED Light

A neon LED light strip is a flexible strip of closely arranged LED inner smd that mimics the vibrant look of traditional neon lights. It is encased in a protective silicone or PVC coating, making it durable and resistant to water and dust. These strips are easy to install and widely used for decorative purposes in homes, commercial spaces, and vehicles. Neon LED light strips are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and versatile lighting effects, making them a popular choice for enhancing the ambiance and visual appeal of different environments.

What Are Customized Neon Light Strip Useage?

Custom neon sign

Customized Useage:
1)Signage: Ideal for creating custom signs in retail stores, bars, or restaurants.

2)Interior Design: Used in homes and offices to accentuate architectural features or as decorative elements.

3)Outdoor Applications: Their weather-resistant nature makes them suitable for garden pathways or patio lighting.

4)Event Decor: Widely used in weddings, parties, and corporate events for a visually striking impact.

5)Commercial Spaces: Employed in lobbies, hallways, and elevators to enhance brand identity and aesthetics.

Flexible neon lights combine the vintage charm of neon with the advantages of LED technology, offering a practical and visually appealing lighting solution for a variety of applications.

What is Advantage for LED Neon Light Strips


LED neon lights consume less energy, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.


LED neon lights are flexible and can be bent, curved, or cut to fit different shapes and designs.


LED neon lights are more robust and resistant to breakage, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications.


LED neon lights offer a range of colors and lighting effects, allowing for creative and customizable lighting solutions in various settings.


LED neon lights consume less energy, resulting in lower electricity costs and reduced environmental impact.


LED neon lights operate at low voltages, reducing the risk of electrical shocks or fire hazards.

Comparing :Traditional Neon vs. Flexible Neon

Traditional Glass Neon

Material & Construction

  • Traditional Neon: Made of glass tubes, requires skilled labor for installation.
  • Flexible Neon: Composed of silicone or PVC, easy to bend and install.


  • Traditional Neon: Fragile and susceptible to breakage.
  • Flexible Neon: Highly durable, resistant to impact and weather conditions.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Traditional Neon: Complex and costly installation, higher maintenance.
  • Flexible Neon: Easy and cost-effective installation, low maintenance.

Recommendations for Application

  1. Retail & Commercial Signage: Flexible Neon due to its durability and versatility.
  2. Indoor Art Installations: Traditional Neon for its authentic, vintage appeal.
  3. Automotive & Marine Lighting: Flexible Neon for its durability and resistance to elements.
  4. Hospitality & Event Spaces: Traditional Neon for upscale, retro environments; Flexible Neon for practical, robust needs.

Your choice should align with the project’s specific needs, aesthetic goals, and budget considerations for optimal results.

Key Parameters for Soft Neon Light Quality Assessment

Brightness & Color Consistency: Good neon lights should provide vibrant, consistent colors without any visible dark spots.
Energy Efficiency: Check for certifications like Energy Star to determine energy consumption rates.
Material Quality: High-quality neon lights use robust materials like silicone for flexible neon or high-grade glass for traditional neon.
Safety Standards: Ensure the product meets safety certifications such as CE, UL, or other relevant standards for your market.
Ease of Installation: Good quality products often come with comprehensive installation guides and are designed for straightforward installation.
Lifespan: Verify the manufacturer’s claims regarding the operational life of the product. A good neon light should have a considerable lifespan.
Warranty: A comprehensive warranty period can be an indicator of quality and durability.
Customer Reviews: Past customer reviews and ratings can offer valuable insights into the product’s quality.
Professional Testing: Whenever possible, request a sample for professional testing to confirm all aspects such as brightness, color consistency, and energy efficiency.
By paying attention to these factors, you’ll be better equipped to make informed purchasing decisions that align with your client’s focus on quality, certification, and timely delivery.

Meiji Lighting goes the extra mile

No more endless time wasting on bad wholesalers. Our goal is to give you peace of mind. We are responsible for all aspects of raw material testing, production, in-production quality inspection, bulk aging testing, semi-automatic packaging and after-sales. Our consultants will provide you with the latest information every step of the way.

Acrylic plate engraving machine
Acrylic plate engraving machine
Neon LED Light Determine the shape of the productDetermine the shape of the product
Determine the shape of product
Neon LED Light sand the edges
Sand the edges
Neon LED Light Installation of light strips
Installation of light strips
Neon LED Light Repairing the edges
Repairing the edges
Neon LED Light finished product
Finished product

How to Pack Neon LED Lights for Shipment

Thickened honeycomb board
U-shaped corner protector
Packaging process
Packaging of finished products

Why choose Meiji ?

Small MOQ

Flexible minimum order quantity for small batch customization, catering to diverse needs and enabling personalized solutions.

Direct Supplier

Fast response to cooperation needs, efficient communication, and a commitment to quality and timely delivery.

Enough Stock

With a daily production capacity of over 10,000 meters and ample inventory, delivery time and supply no problem.

Fast Lead Time

Fast delivery, efficient production and logistics to ensure timely meeting customer needs

Customized Solution

Customized lighting solutions tailored to meet specific project needs, providing personalized options that cater to diverse customer requirements.


3-5 years warranty to ensure product quality and performance, to provide customers with long-term reliable protection and excellent after-sales service.

Free Sample

Free samples build customer confidence, satisfaction, and long-term relationships by allowing them to certify product quality firsthand.

After Sales Service

Quickly respond , efficient problem-solving, ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering long-term partnerships through attentive follow-up.

FAQs About Meiji Lighting

We cooperate with well-known LED chip brands in the market, such as Cree, Nichia, Osram, etc.), which are well-known for their superior technology and reliability.And in case if you have special needs, like Samsung, Nichia, Tridonic, Soul, Citizen etc., we can also help.

Our production time is typically 5-15 days, but can be longer for larger quantities or customized orders. Express shipping ensures faster arrival, while container cargo takes 15-60 days. Contact us for rush orders and specific timing.

MeiJi Lighting is a ISO 9001 approved lighting manufacturer. Most of our lamps have CE and RoHS certificates.If you need other certificates for your projects or market, like UL,ETL,ENEC, SASO, BIS, etc. We can also help.

Yes. We have an experienced design team and technical experts who can customize and develop unique indoor&outdoor lighting solutions according to your project requirements. You can go to our project case to see and contact us!

Common Issues

1.Electrical Overloading: Excessive Current&Inadequate Power Supply

2.Signs of Overloading:Flickering or Inconsistent&Color Shifting,Overheating Lighting

3.Short Lifespan&Safety Risks

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For our low voltage lighting fixtures, a constant voltage power supply is necessary. To ensure a longer lifespan, we recommend choosing a power supply with a loading capacity approximately 20% higher than the actual requirement. For instance, for a 10-meter LED Strip Light (12W/m), a 150W power supply is preferable.

MeiJi offers a range of double-sided tape solutions for LED strips, tailoring to various scenarios. Our selection includes 3M tapes like 200MP, 300MP, 9080, VHB 5608N, tesa 4965, and blue thermal tape, ensuring versatile options for different needs.

Our regular products come with a 3-year warranty, while special requirements or customized products have a warranty of 3-5 years. We ensure reliable coverage and support for our customers’ specific needs and offer extended protection for tailored solutions.

We know that the number of lamps required for each project is uncertain. If  customized products, We can produce according to the quantity you need. There is no minimum quantity requirement. Of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

Solutions as below:
1. Flickering or Inconsistent Lighting
Cause: Loose connections, voltage fluctuations, or overloaded circuits.
Solution: Tighten all connections and ensure the neon light is running on its rated voltage. Reduce the load if needed.
2. Dimming Issues
Cause: Worn-out phosphor coating, low power supply, or poor-quality LED chips.
Solution: Consider replacing the neon light strip, or ensure it’s receiving adequate power. Use products with high-quality LED chips.
3. Color Shifting
Cause: Overheating, poor quality phosphor, or improper electrical connections.
Solution: Ensure proper heat dissipation methods are in place and verify electrical connections. Choose products with stable phosphor coatings.
4. Incomplete Lighting
Cause: Broken circuits or failed LED sections.
Solution: Identify the broken section and replace it, or consult the manufacturer for repair services.
5. Overheating
Cause: Overloaded electrical circuits or inadequate heat dissipation.
Solution: Run the neon light on its rated electrical capacity and improve heat dissipation methods.
6. Controller Malfunctions
Cause: Software issues or damaged controllers.
Solution: Update or reset the controller’s software, or replace the controller unit.

Yes. You can get the free 5M samples before you place an order . You need to provide the receiving name ,address and phone number and express delivery account number .

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